Grant Allocation Committee


The Grant Allocation Committee shall be composed of ten members: six student representatives and four non-student representatives with the right to vote. The members include:

  • Graduate Student Government President (Kris Coombs)
  • Two graduate students appointed by Graduate Student Government (Cort Brinkerhoff, GSG Director of Campus Affairs and Judy Kang, GSG VP of Advocacy)
  • Undergraduate Student Government President or Vice President (Morgan Monahan)
  • One undergraduate student appointed by Undergraduate Student Government (Philine Qian, Chair of GEF Committee)
  • Environmental Student Assembly (ESA) Executive Directors (Olivia Pearson and Emily Palmer)
  • Chair of the Sustainability Steering Committee (Mark Ewalt, Executive Director, Administrative Operations)
  • Staff member from Facilities Management Services (Carol Fern, Facilities Management Services)
  • USC Sustainability Program Manager (interim- Brad Shearson)
  • Faculty Member-At-Large, selected by the Grant Allocation Committee Chair (Paul Adler, Professor of Business; Darren Ruddell, Professor of Spatial Sciences)


The Grand Allocation Committee shall have two officers, a Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair shall preside at all meetings, and function as the facilitator and running meetings to the agenda (in a timely fashion). The Chair must be a voting student member of the Grant Allocation Committee. The Vice-Chair will assist the Chair with his/her duties and is responsible for keeping the meeting minutes.