USC Green Engagement Fund



Here, you can find a list of projects that were previously approved by the Grant Allocation Committee. Feel free to click through the links to find out more about each student-driven proposal, and for the most current information on progress.

Fall 2015

Solar Panel Umbrellas in Tutor Campus Center Courtyard

Project Student Lead: Keoki Kakigi
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Goldstein, Ph.D.
Amount Awarded: $23,809.11

Although free and reliable, USC has not taken advantage of the 292 total days of sun it receives per year to contribute to its energy grid. By installing Powersol Umbrellas in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center Courtyard, USC can finally begin utilizing the sun’s energy to charge many students’ most important devices, their phones and tablets. Not only is there plenty of foot and stationary traffic, but the second floor walkway provides a full and impressive view of the solar farm that can become of the courtyard. Finally, implementing such plan is not only extremely practical, it demonstrates a strong initiative that students, faculty, and staff are willing to cooperate as a unit to promote sustainability at USC.

Water Bottle Fill-Stations at LA Memorial Coliseum

Project Student Lead: Nicole Hamasaki
Faculty Advisor: Jessica Dutton
Amount Awarded: $4,473.54


Rain Barrels at Catalina Island

Project Student Lead: Caitlin Martin
Faculty Advisor: Jessica Dutton
Amount Awarded: $1,606.28

Solar Power for USC Urban Garden

Project Student Lead: Natalie Kra
Faculty Advisor: Diane Kim
Amount Awarded: $2,338.33


Operation Firefly

Project Student Lead: Axel Hellman
Faculty Advisor: Francois Bar, Ph.D.
Amount Awarded: $8000.00


Native Plants in Queen’s Courtyard

Project Student Lead: Rebecca Weber and Zach Manta
Faculty Advisor: Jill Sohm
Amount Awarded: $1,797.00


Spring 2015

Solar Powered Aquaponics Learning Garden

Project Student Lead: Thomas Dominique De Clerck
Faculty Advisor:Kelly T. Sanders, Ph.D.
Amount Awarded: $3,875.12

We propose to develop an aquaponics system at the Parkside Community Garden to demonstrate a model of sustainable food production on campus and in Los Angeles. Aquaponics is a recirculating and nearly closed loop system that grows fish and plants simultaneously, taking advantage of the natural cycling of nutrients between fish, bacteria, and plants.

Recycling Bins on the Row

Project Student Lead: Allie Schmiesing
Faculty Advisor: Karla Heidelberg
Amount Awarded: $300

This project aimed to reduce the amount of waste (both recyclables and plastic water bottles) on 28th street  and to increase awareness of sustainability efforts in the students that live there. Funds were allocated to purchase recycling bins for sorority houses, who committed via signature to maintain and manage this new waste stream.

Fall 2016

Native Plant Garden Expansion

Project Student Lead: Rebecca Weber and Zach Manta
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Goldstein
Amount Awarded: $4,000

Rain Barrels in Light of Droughts

Project Student Lead: Elizabeth Shakhnazaryan
Faculty Advisor: Ann Close
Amount Awarded: $2,385.75
New rain barrels will be placed at the cafeteria and dormitories on campus, as well as USC managed resident units in two harbors that house staff, faculty, visiting researches and graduate students. The rain barrels will collect water and condensate from the facility’s cooling systems, while promoting the Institute’s larger goals of environmental sustainability.

Spring 2017

PSYCHO: Water Conservation PSA


Project Student Lead: Rajendra Thakurathi and Lareina Joelle Wong
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Kagan
Amount Awarded: $3300

The goal of this project is to educate and provoke action to conserve water in the USC community. When the attention spans of young minds getting shorter and shorter, and with everyone connecting on social media platforms, this project uses the same platforms to connect and evoke change.

Addressing the Water Energy Nexus at USC: Solar & Skywater Upgrades to Wrigley Institute

Project Student Lead: Autumn Gupta
Faculty Advisor: Ann Close
Amount Awarded: 

This project aims to address the water-energy nexus that is so crucial to sustainability, and we are addressing the water half of the equation through the implementation of a Skywater system.

Sustainable Gardening at the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center

Project Student Lead: Natalie Hayashibara
Faculty Advisor: Ann Close
Amount Awarded: 

This project will be a component in a larger objective of making Wrigley Marine Science Center a demonstration campus for sustainability. Issues regarding resources are exacerbated and magnified on the island, however, solutions are more easily implemented and the impacts of those attempt are more quickly seen. Specifically, this project will be the first step in generating our own food sources.

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